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The Many Different Door Options Available to UK Homeowners

With the rise of DIY culture has come a rise in the amount of attention we pay to our home décor. This couldn’t come at a more opportune time, with housing prices in flux and an increased demand on homeowners to make their property stand out to buyers. Putting money into your home is, in a sense, making an investment in your own future. Improving your home décor is a fantastic way to both save for the future and give yourself a great looking home here in the present. And yet, for all the mania surrounding home improvement these days, doors tend to be one of the more overlooked and underrated areas of development. That’s certainly curious, given the fact that doors are quite literally the entrance to the rest of your décor.

Front Doors

There are few aspects of your exterior design aesthetic more important than your front door. This should be somewhat apparent, and front doors are generally the door options which receive the most emphasis and treatment in conventional design aesthetics. With everything from contemporary aluminium to traditional rich wooden options available, your front door is a great way to make a great first impression on visitors from the first moment they knock.

French Doors

French doors make for some of the most popular front door options. French design has consistently remained at the forefront of the design world, making French doors a great way to instantly add a little elegance and class to any homestead. There are different French designs available, each of which can fit with a whole host of home design concepts—chateau-style wooden doors can augment a rustic home design, while composite French doors can work to create a more chicly modern look.

Sliding Doors

Any discussion of sliding doors begins and ends with glass options. Sliding glass doors are by far the most popular option here, and there are a variety of types from which to choose in terms of what kind of material frames the glass. Aluminium sliding doors are generally very lightweight and add a nice metallic sheen to your décor. In addition, they tend to be on the slimmer side. Composite doors, by contrast, tend to be a bit thicker and feature both single and bifold options, with the latter ranking among the best bifold doors in the UK. Both aluminium and composite sliding glass doors feature sliding mechanisms which allow the doors to open and shut via a smooth, fluid motion.

Glazing Options

Whether you’re looking into rich oak front doors, elegant French options, or a sleek sliding glass door that opens into the backyard, you’re going to want those doors glazed. Glazing is the process of applying a special coat which adds a little sheen and protects against erosion and weathering. This is especially important in a climate such as England’s, where wind and rain is an ever-present concern.

Open the door and step into the future of home décor with great door and glazing options in the UK.