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Replacing the Windows

Think first, is it worth the effort spent? Maybe it is easier to simply replace the old windows with the vinyl ones? Moreover, if you replace your old windows with vinyl windows in Toronto you can save money in the future if choosing more energy-efficient variants.

Talk to the Manufacturer

Before painting it is highly advised to talk to the manufacturer, because usually you will lose the warranty if you painting vinyl windows. Moreover, manufacturers can advise on the type of painting to choose to absorb more heat, for example, and can warn you from buying the paint which will damage your vinyl windows.

Pick the Paint

If you are strongly determined to paint your vinyl windows in Toronto, your first priority will be to find the right paint. There are many different brands which offer paint in cans which is safe for vinyl. You can find them in spray form or reflective polyurethane enamel. Usually before the actual re-coloring you need to apply primer first, and nowadays you can find a number of vinyl safe primers.
Usually if you do not know which color to choose, the manufacturer can give you some recommendations on what colors ant paint types to pick for their vinyl windows. For instance, it is not advised to re-paint white windows into dark colors and some dark vinyl windows should not be painted at all.

Professionals would recommend you to choose beige or brown. These neutral colors will work well for a great number of color schemes in your house. In case you buy something bright, it will appear to be hard to update the interior.

From all the above you understand that consultations from the manufacturers are really must-do’s. Furthermore, store associates can give you some useful advice too so ask them before making your purchase.

And here are a couple of general pieces of advice on painting the vinyl windows

Before you start to paint your old vinyl windows, make sure to do the following steps before:

  • Talk to the manufacturer – in many cases painting as a cosmetic change will not be worth losing the warranty.
  • First of all, find the right primer and then paint to be sure that you have picked the appropriate color not to damage your windows.
  • Then goes a very important step, you need to clean and sand the windows, and after that clean them again. Here do not forget to cover all the parts which do not need to be painted (for example, the glass itself, the wall, the weather stripping, etc.) This step is really crucial if you want to get a perfect result. Then you need to prime the windows and let them dry without any extra drying, and only after that you can apply the paint.
  • If you decide to paint your windows yourself, be ready that it is not the quickest project to complete, so think first – it might be easier to hire professionals.

Darel Winthrope – a professional painter gives advice about the first step in windows painting on behalf of the company, which sells vinyl windows in Toronto.