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What Advantages Does A Vinyl Floor Over Wood?

You will compare several different styles of flooring when you are having a home makeover. This is going to allow you to choose the most durable and attractive material.

  • You might have narrowed down your choice to two materials: vinyl and wood.
  • What advantages does a vinyl floor have over wood?

Vinyl Does Not Get Stained

Wood can sometimes get stained, which is not something that you will want to deal with. Instead, you can have some vinyl floors instead because they can be cleaned with a minimum amount of effort.

Vinyl Does Not Leave Splinters

You might be worried about splinters if you are having new floors installed. This is one of the main reasons that you should avoid buying wood.

Instead, you should consider buying vinyl. The vinyl flooring in Caloundra is going to be completely smooth so that you can walk with bare feet and you are going to be extremely comfortable.

Vinyl Is Easier To Clean

Wood can be difficult to clean because stains and dirt can become ingrained. However, this is definitely not going to happen when you have some vinyl installed. The cleaning process is not going to take a long time and then you are going to be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Vinyl Is Quieter

You want the floor to be quiet, especially when you are moving around at night. The vinyl is going to be the right material because it is never going to make a sound. In contrast, wood can be extremely noisy and it can cause people to wake up as you are moving around the house. This is one of the prime considerations that you need to make.

Vinyl Can Be Changed Easily

Wooden floorboards can be difficult to replace as the floor will be dug up completely. This is not the case with vinyl because a bare concrete floor can be left underneath. The company installing the new vinyl will make sure that the vinyl floor is installed as quickly as possible so that you can use the room again.

Which Rooms Suit A Vinyl Floor?

All of the rooms in the house are going to suit a vinyl floor, but it is natural that you will want to have a degree of variation in different rooms. You may want to have vinyl in the kitchen and the bathroom. Then you can enjoy the sensation of walking on vinyl in these rooms.

You might decide that you want to have this style of flooring throughout the entire house.


You will be able to make a choice between vinyl and wood once you have weighed up the advantages. Vinyl is one of the best materials that you can have as your flooring. It is easier to maintain than wood and it is better for you if you are walking in bare or socked feet. You will also make less noise when this floor has been installed.