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The Added Protection of Shutters

In the parts of the world that have hurricanes, home and business often have what are called hurricane shutters. In other parts of the world, such shutters are known as cyclone shutters. Whatever you call them, shutters on the outside of your house offer you added protection. Glass is breakable and always will be, and while there are some new kinds of glass that are incredibly resilient (some of them are even thought to be practically unbreakable), you should look into shutters that go on the outside of your window – unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on an unbreakable window.

Because anything that threatens your window will likely happen at night or during a storm, you can close your outdoor shutters without the risk of losing any significant amount of light. Also, shutters can protect you from exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can be a serious problem for many different reasons. Here is how shutters protect you from physical threats as well as solar threats.

Physical Threats

Your windows are vulnerable to a couple of different things that you can’t control. For one, they are vulnerable to shady characters who would want to break into your home or business, people who see your windows as weak points on your house since glass is easily broken. In this way, outdoor shutters in Perth eliminate one of the most obvious ways that thieves can break into your home.

Closing your shutters makes it more difficult to break into your house. Even with shutters, it’s not impossible, but most criminals are opportunists. Since they will not be able to see into your home, they will not know if you have anything worth stealing, so they’ll likely just pass your home or business without much thought.

The other physical threat to your windows is an act of nature. An act of nature is anything you cannot control. In most cases, that means a storm that blows some kind of debris into your window and breaks it. To prevent that from happening, you can close your shutters. In this way, outdoor shutters protect your windows from physical danger.

Solar Danger

The sun is dangerous because overexposure to the sun is known to be a contributing factor to skin disease. Furthermore, overexposure to the sun can damage your upholstery. Leather furniture tends to dry out and crack, while fabric tends to fade and fray. The sun can do serious damage in not too much time.

Excess solar exposure can also do damage to your wallet. The price of cooling your home during the summer can skyrocket if you have windows that are allowing a lot of solar energy into your house. Solar energy is sunlight, and when sunlight is coming through the windows, some of it converts into heat. The windows in your home can be responsible for as much as 40% of the money you spend on your energy costs, but fortunately, you can block that light with outdoor shutters, especially on sunny days. Indoor blinds and curtains are great, but they do not form that impenetrable barrier like outdoor shutters do.